1. Working / Earning not mandatory.
2. We never have to buy our own drinks at the bar.
3. We don’t have to bother on mobile bills.
4. We get out of speeding tickets by crying.
5. We don’t have to stand on the queue to get tickets.
6. We can sleep our way to the top of the class.
7. We don’t have to worry about the purse when we shop with men.
8. We can marry rich and then not have to work.
9. We never have to pay when we go out on dates.
10. Men take us on all expense paid trips
11. We always get place to sit when using public transport.
12. Easy to get a ride.
13. Men hold the door open for us.
14. Jewels looks good on us.
15. We lie better.
16. We’re better manipulators.
17. We always end up sleeping in the bed when we fight with our other halves – you guys get the couch.
18. We always have food in the fridge.
19. We don’t worry about losing our hair.
20. We always get to choose the movie.
21. We don’t have to mow the lawn.
22. We don’t have to take out the garbage.
23. We don’t have to paint the house or walls.
24. If we need to our boyfriends just a missed call is enough.
25. We can easily show our disappointments or disapprovals.