2012 MotoGP United States Preview

Circuit Length: 3610
Lap Record: 1’21.376 (Casey Stoner, 1/1/2010)
Fastest Lap Ever: 1’20.700 (Casey Stoner, 7/20/2008)
Last Years Winner: Casey Stoner

Grand Prix Results: Laguna Seca 2011

1. C. Stoner Honda Time: 43’52.145
2. J. Lorenzo Yamaha Time: +5.634
3. D. Pedrosa Honda Time: +9.467
4. B. Spies Yamaha Time: +20.562

Laguna Seca Record Lap: C. Stoner Ducati 2010, 1’21.376

Laguna Seca Best Lap: C. Stoner Ducati 2008, 1’20.700

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