Almost everyone has dreamed at one time or another of quitting the corporate world and still being able to pay the mortgage, put food on the table and take your family out to dinner occasionally. Thanks to the Internet, more and more people are able to accomplish the transition from wage slave to entrepreneur. While income may be lower than you are used to in your cubicle job, it’s exciting to think that your expenses may be significantly lower as well. No more commuting costs, you can even be able to get rid of that second car. Just imagine a commuting time measured in seconds instead of hours. However, not every online money-making opportunity is equal. Here are five tried and proven ideas that allow you to make money online.Sell your services

There are literally hundreds or even thousands of project bidding opportunities that appear on the various freelance web sites every day. The projects range from writing copy to designing web sites, to audio services and project management. The service buyer describes the project he wants completed, the service providers bid on the project and define how much they will charge to complete the project according to specific requirements of quality, style and deadlines. You can make money online from these sites if you can stay focused working alone.

Write for blogs

Sometimes blog posts are handled in the same way as the freelance projects. Buyers ask for bids on a certain number of posts over a period of a specific number of days. Typically, a batch of posts will be sent to the service buyer who remits payment to the service buyer through one of the payments sites such as Paypal. In order to make money online writing for blog postings, you must be self-disciplined, have reasonable research skills and be able to meet deadlines.


MyLot is an interesting way to make money online. It’s a global community where members get paid for blogging or posting to the forum with opinions, discussions, questions or other news commentaries and editorials. Because the payment vary according to the volume and quality of the posted information, you can earn anywhere from $10 on up.

Advertising revenue

It’s easy and fun to make money online when you own a website where the sponsors pay you to list products. You design a website that draws visitors from the global market. Prepare and post good content and the visitors will be led to your site. Because your site is getting dozens of hits each day, revenue from advertisers will soon begin to pay you to place a web advertisement on your site.

Authority website

Building an authority website is another popular method to make money online. With fairly minimal effort you can create a website that becomes an authority on some subject. Then, you can wait for the orders to arrive on behalf of the website visitor, or you can do active recruitment in areas there have not been an online presence.

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