Actually, Internet TV or PC TV has been around for years. It’s just that the connection speed had constrained the technology for the longest time, in particular characterizing it with sporadic image stuttering. But not anymore, with broadband typically into the mega-bps nowadays, that problem has become a thing of the past. In fact, Internet TV now stands head and shoulders above the other modes of transmission. There are advantages Internet TV has over the others that are so key and outright that it’s easy to see why this form of TV is bursting onto the scene big time. Yes, the future of TV is in the internet.

First, multiple-PC broadband homes are commonplace in modern society as it is. Wouldn’t it make good sense if those PCs double as TVs too? The ability to increase utilization of equipment in the home would not only be cost-savvy but a cool, cool act to show.

Second, existing multi-media accessories found commonly in PCs these days are ready-made performance-class components for home entertainment. LCD monitors, surround-sound speakers, Blaster sound and GE Force video cards and so forth all make for instant super TVs.

Third, Internet TV feed coming through the internet, of course, is inherently rock-stable and practically immune to external distortions like weather, locality or accidental knocks as in satellite dishes.

Fourth, it’s already digitized TV and fifth, it has the boundless reach of the net. Most of all, it can be mobile if it’s in a laptop.

There are both free and paid versions of Internet TV available. Free ones are usually supported by advertisement or sponsorship. As such, they tend to be based on the providers’ agenda, most common of which are advertisement and viewer traffic or rating. The paid ones are typically membership-based service. Even so, it is just a one time payment for the satellite software. These folks access from various stations worldwide and stream them to their members through specialized application software. Stations in the thousands are the norm and include all popular genres from sports to children’s education. Although it is still early days, many are already raving about their super-TV experience. Up, up and away for Satellite TV For PC.

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