There are many uniquely different beauty schools, generally Beauty Schools come in three major categories. These categories serve a primarily different function and serve the needs of different groups of students. It is important, though not usually done,  for the Admissions Representatives to assess and determine the student’s goals. Beauty is not only comes from jewelry such as gold, with beauty schools will be learned ‘beauty’ from may factors.

Many beauty schools have one primary program called Cosmetology, so applicants are chanelled into the same program. These schools are frequently focused mainly on having students earning enough hours and education to qualify for the state-Licensing exam. To determine if a school is State License oriented, it may have many of the following characteristics. These schools will define their program length in clock hours . They have frequent class start dates as often as once month. There is little or no choice of programming, and the choice is usually called “Cosmetology”. Students can arrange their school schedule to meet their individual needs. The mission of State License oriented schools is demonstrated by the use of the term “Basics” to describe the course. These schools do a great job when the goal of the student is to attain a State License in the shortest, easiest, and cheapest way possible.