When you try to searching free blog hosting in any search engine, you will get thousands of result. Then you thinking, so who’s truly good free blog hosting. If you don’t know anything about what’s look like free blog hosting, you will have problem to choose one. Before you choose, may be you can use my opinion about good free blog hosting.

Good Free Blog Hosting are:

1. No Ads

If you choose free blog hosting with ads, you have make big mistake. Ads will distract you design and didn’t like by visitor. The are so many free web hosting with offer will not displaying ads on your website.

2. Multimedia Support

Multimedia (video, photo, flash, sound)  not only supported by commercial blog hosting, some Blog hosting also offer this feature. With multimedia you can build your blog more attractive.

3. What your URL will look like

Free blog hosting usually offer free sub domain for your site. There is two type of sub domain URL, 1. yourname.blog.com, 2. www.blog.com/yourname. To make your URL shorter you use the first sub domain URL type.

4. Up time 99%.

This very important, you don’t want your website stop working because the server down or the hosting provider stop working.

5. Help Support

Good free blog hosting will provide their customer free support and forum to discuss your problem.

Finally, let’s start blogging!