hot blondeA blonde calls her husband on his cellphone.
Blonde: “I’ve got a problem!”
Husband: “Tell me.”
Blonde: “I’ve just bought a puzzle, but I can’t solve it!”
Husband: “Is it that difficult?”
Blonde: “Yes, I don’t know where to start; all pieces look similar!”
Husband: “What’s the image on the cover of the box?”
Blonde: “A red cock, but I really can’t solve it.”
Husband: “Wait a minute, I’ll be right there and we will solve it together!”

A few minutes later the husband walks in.
Husband: “And where is this puzzle of yours?”
Blonde: “It’s right her on the table…”
Deep silence falls, and then a sigh…
Husband: “Okay, we will do the following: you’ll put all cornflakes back into the box and I’ll forget the complete incident.”