Remember the old gag about divorce being so expensive because
it’s worth it? Now you can say the same thing about being en-

A Gainesville, Georgia woman has successfully sued her ex-
fiance after he called off their wedding. A jury ruled it
was a breach of contract and ordered him to pay $150,000 in

Rosemary Shell holds a large, glittering engagement ring in
her hands. She no longer wears it on her ring finger, but
instead keeps it in the box it came in. She says it’s a
reminder of what could have been.

“He changed his mind for no good reason,” said Shell.

Or, perhaps his reason was that he realized he was about to
marry a woman who would sue him for breaking up with her.

Shell says when Wayne Gibbs, her ex-fiance, said he wasn’t
interested in marriage she moved to Pensacola, Florida and
started a lucrative new job earning $81,000 a year. Then
Gibbs showed up.

“He asked me to marry him. He gave me a ring and I gave up
my career and I came back to Gainesville. He told me he
would pay my bills, that we would be married by the holidays
and we would live happily ever after. I believed him,” said

But two days before the wedding, she says Gibbs left her a
goodbye note saying he couldn’t go through with the wedding.
He also wrote her a $5,000 dollar check. She says she tore
up both and instead sued him for breach of contract.

“He callously allowed her to quit her job, move back and
into his house where she had no income and then after a
couple of months he just put her out on the streets and
said ‘you know you’re on your own’,” said District Attorney
Lydia Sartain.

To tell you the truth, both of these people sound like idiots.
I think they would have been perfect for each other.