Easy Way To Make Money Online

Easy Way To Make Money Online, Without Spending A Dime.

Want to know what is the easiest way to make money online without spending a dime? Here is a simple step you have to follow.

1. Register your own free blog at blogspot.com. (Create an account, name your blog and choose a template)
2. Setup your blog and start post your messages. (At least 2 posts).
3. Register with Google Adsense. Open a new account. Follow the step by step
4. Go back to your blogspot account and log in. Under account settings, click
“Template” and then “Adsense”. Setup your adsense account. Follow the
instructions. You have to wait for approval message from Google Adsense
before you do this (step 4).
5. Now, you can start making money. Just maintain to post at least one post per day
in your blog. Don’t forget to ping your blog everytime you make a post.
Pinging Services: Pingomatic.com or Pingoat.com

How can you make money from Google Adsense? Google will place their ads in your website or blog and you’ll earn money when someone click on that ads.


DO NOT CLICK ON YOUR OWN ADS or tell someone to click on your ads

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