English Class

Di sebuah kelas bahasa inggris, ibu guru bertanya demikian:

Bu Guru : Good Morning Class, I want you to make a sentence using words GREEN, PINK and YELLOW. You first, Nila.

Nila (ranking 1-nya) : I like GREEN, PINK, and YELLOW.

Bu Guru : Not bad. Now …

Firda (agak bego) : I teacher … I can make it.

Bu Guru : No, not you. Dewi, your turn.

Dewi (pernah les inggris) : I wear my GREEN t-shirt, with YELLOW skirt … and PINK shoes.

Bu Guru : Very good … Now …

Firda : I teacher, I .. please.

Bu Guru : No. Next, Steve.

Steve (pernah ke Sg’pore) : I saw a GREEN tommatoes on a YELLOW table with a PINK cover.

Bu Guru : Sounds better. Now …

Firda : I lah teacher … please dech …

Bu Guru : Ok, go on.

Firda : I heard the phone ringing “GREEN … GREEN … ” so i PINK up the phone and said “YELLOW”

Bu Guru : :/>:O:'(:'(:'(=D=))=))..

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