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QSample FAQ

Why should I be a Panel Member and what does it entail?

What is a Panel?

Companies are always in the lookout for feedback on new products and services that they would like to introduce in the market place. They want “Ordinary” consumers to give feedback regarding their products before they launch or sometimes before they restructure their product line.

In such situations, you would be part of a panel that would asked to take an online survey. You would receive an email with an invitation to take the survey.

Sign up now.

Will I be spammed with survey requests? What about my email address?

No — You decide how many surveys you want to take in a given month. You will never receive more survey invitations than this. You can choose as little as 1 survey a month to a maximum of 8 surveys a month.

Your email address will not be given to anyone. Moreover, you can choose to de-activate your account anytime and stop receiving survey invitations.

OK — What’s in it for me?

1. Cash

2. You get a chance to “voice your opinion” to companies like Microsoft, Nike etc. when they are coming up with new products

Our software helps companies conduct thousands of surveys and depending upon the demographic our clients are looking for, you can get paid anywhere between $1 to $15 per survey.

Is this some kind of a get-rich scheme?

No – Quite frankly you cannot retire on this. But you can make a tidy additional sum every month.

Why not have prizes and give-aways?

We believe that everyone spending their time should be compensated — not one lucky winner. Hence we’ve structured this program such that our clients pay everyone who take the surveys. That’s how we guarantee that you’ll get paid. When you receive an invitation to take a survey, the compensation amount will be clearly noted on the email invitation.

How many times have you taken a survey or dropped a card and never heard back?

In some cases our clients insist that we use a prize or give-away. In such cases, there will still be a per/completion payout, although it will be nominal – between $.10 to $1, and you’ll be entered in to the grand prize. These terms will be clearly spelled out before you take the survey.

OK — What else do I need to know?

In order to make the process as smooth as possible : –

* You will need a Paypal account ( — although not now, but when you are ready to receive the money. If you already have a paypal account you can use that. PayPal is free and you can use it to send and receive money friends/family — anyone with an email address.

* Funds are distributed on the 10th every other month
* We do not issue checks or money order
* You can login and check your account balance anytime

Do I need to login to take surveys every month?

Yes – If you are selected to be in the panel for a survey, you’ll be notified via email and you can simply click on the link provided in the email. After taking the survey, you can see your account balance. This is done to ensure that no one else is taking the survey on your behalf.

How is qSample different from the 500 other paid survey sites?

Two very simple things:

1. We Pay You. Not our clients etc. 99% of the other sites refer you to market research companies. With qSample we are working with the market research companies. The market research companies use our software to conduct research. QuestionPro Survey Software is used by over 2000 companies worldwide to conduct research and collect data.

2. qSample is not a survey review site. We are not passing your data outside of our network. We do not share your personally identifying information like email address etc. even with our clients.

Is qSample membership only for US residents??

No! – We have clients all over the world who use us to conduct Market Research. No matter which country you are from, if someone is conducting market research there, we need you!

What next?

Sign-Up. Enter in your email address, and choose a password. We’ll ask you a few demographic questions. Once you’ve answered all the demographic questions, your account will be active. Wait for an email invitation for a survey….