Jeruk Purut is a Cemetery which is believed to be haunted. A horror novelist, Anna who wrote a story about ghost in Jeruk Purut cemetery found death at her house. Anna’s best friend, Airin is trying to solve the mystery of Airin death through the novels that Anna wrote. Besides solving the mystery, Airin also has an ambition to write a horror novel based on the Anna’s incident. Her investigation brings her to Jeruk Purut cemetery and Airin become obsessed by the ghost story. Right after Airin’s visit to the cemetery, mysterious accidents start to happen to Anna and her friends. It seems that the Jeruk Purut ghost wants Airin to stop the investigation.

Release Date : Nov 30, 2006

Director : Koya Pagayo

Writer : Ery Sofid

Staring : Angie Virgin, Sheila Marcia, Samuel C Heckenbucker

Studio : Indika Entertainment

Runtime :

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