After finishing an out-of-town errand I discovered that my car wouldn’t start because it was out of gas. A passer-by told me there was a service station a half mile away so I took a gas can from the trunk and trudged the distance in the sweltering sun.
The attendant filled my two gallon can and I lugged it back and poured the gas into the tank. But when I tried to unlock the car door it wouldn’t open. Just then I noticed an identical old car parked a short distance away. That was my car. I had filled a stranger’s gas tank.
Wearily I walked back to the station. The attendant suggested helpfully”You know instead of walking back and forth to fill the tank from the can you could put a couple of gallons in the tank and then drive the car here.”

“Would you please help me?” the blonde asked. “I bought a nine-pound
turkey. Could you tell me how long to cook it in my new microwave?”
“Just a minute” the food editor said as he turned to check his
reference book.
“Oh thank you” she said. “You’ve been a big help. Good-bye!”