1. Six brothers entered a hotel for dinner. They were surprised to find a strange

message in a blackboard. “Those who have food in this hotel will not be

charged for any food they consume.They can order anything vegetarian/non

vegetarian,south indian/punjabi/chinese/continental/icecreams/pizzas/juices

or any other delicious items of their choice.”The brothers were apprehensive

about the authenticity of this message and enquired,but the Manager assured

that he will keep his promise as written on the board. The brothers  were happy

and ordered all delicious dishes of their choice. After the dinner,they were

about to leave the hotel after thanking the Manager,when the waiter gave

a bill for Rs.6500/- to them. Furious,the brothers questioned the Manager.

The Manager reassured that he has kept his promise. They have not been

charged for the food they consumed. The bill pertains to the food

consumed by their parents and sisters last fortnight.The brothers promptly

paid the bill and left the hotel.

2. Two  friends entered a hotel for lunch. They asked the waiter what is

available? Anything you ask for sir,he replied.If it is not available, we will

pay you Rs.1000/- as gift,.The friends were amused,nevertheless, they

ordered Elephant sandwitches just to tease the waiter. The waiter

brought Rs.1000/- and gave it to the friends. “Kya hathi nahim hai kya”

the friends enquired. “Ham saheb,hathi hai,bread nahim hai,the waiter