So you wanna make money online through Internet Marketing huh?

Well, first of all, I think your optimism and courage are in the right place. I know at first when you see just how vast the online world is you may get easily intimidated from all the information and you will think you simply can not break into making money online. But I will tell you right now, and this may simply blow your mind…THE INTERNET IS STILL IN ITS INFANCY!

That’s right. We are still in the “Wild West” days of the Internet so making money online is really only starting. Now is the best time for you to begin. So now comes the question you are probably thinking…how do I even start? Well, that is what this article is about. I’m going to give you three basic ways “newbies” can get started online to make good ol’ cash.

Let’s get right to them…


What you can do is have a simple ONE PAGE website setup where you have people sign up to join your newsletter. On your little site, you will want to tell them what type of information you will be sending them, when you will be sending it, and most of all…give them a “freebie” to sign up! This could be a free report, a multi-part email series related to your hobby, etc. Now you are probably wondering how you actually make money with this. Well, the two easiest things you can do is use Google Adsense and mix it in with free articles you show to your newsletter subscribers and second, by mixing in affiliate links to products that relate to your hobby. When someone buys through your affiliate link, you get paid!


Remember the single page site above? Instead of having a newsletter, why not put together a killer report on your hobby and sell it for $7? What you do is simply create your report in Microsoft Word, mix in a few affiliate links to related products (to make even MORE cash) and then convert to PDF. Then, you use a service like to have people buy it. Or, another easy route is to simply put up your report on EBAY! Just imagine how many tiny reports you could sell for a mere seven bucks over and over again!


What if you got paid if a person simply filled out a small form with their email and name, and you got paid around $2-$5 per sign-up? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well, you can, and it is a super easy way to make extra money online. What I would do is simply use the methods in #1 and #2 above, and put a few of these campaigns in front of your subscribers or prospects. You can use places like Hydra Media or to find CPA campaigns you can get going right away!

Well, that should EASILY give you an idea of how to start making money online. My advice to you is to start small and keep plugging away at it. If you are concerned with getting FREE traffic to your sites I mentioned above, simple write up a few articles on your hobby or niche and post them to article directories with links back to your website. Over time, you can amass a TON of free traffic that will end up putting cash in your own pocket!

I wish you the very best and I hope you enjoyed these tips in this article.

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