Idiom English versi Jawa

1. yes mother dont do that: Yo mbok ojo ngono..
2. your head: enDas mu..
3. your eyes: MATAMU !!!
4. your bald head: GUNDUL MU !!
5. your knees falling down: Dengkulmu anjlog !!
6. your bellybutton on fire: Udhelmu kobong !!
7. your auntie’s money: duwike mbokdemu tah ?
8. your grandfather money: Duwike mBahmu !!
9. your auntie teach you about that ? : mbokdemu sing ngajari yoo ??
10. your mother goalkeeper: makmu kiper…
11. like that yes like that but don’t be like that : ngono yo ngono ning
ojo ngono
12. your face far away : raimu adoh
13. your lips: lambeymu
14. your eyes was blind…..matamu wis picek 15.your ears fully by dush..kupingmu kebak kopok
16. blowed head..pecah ndase
17. your bellybutton turn up : udelmu bodong
18. your head smell gum
19. benzoin : ndasmu mambu menyan

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