These Pictures are amazing and you have to see that with your eyes and heart
Be a good Moslems and see Islam Growth well, is impossible if we only slept and dream
Let’s start from always do Sholat (5 times a day), better in Masjid, it’s all only takes 25 – 50 minutes from your 24 hour time
And you’ll be sure that you are not a loser without wait until end
You’ll know then, that you’re lucky cause believe in Islam as your religion in fully version not just identity
It’s an honour to share this will you as part of our Moslems Family
And It’s would be advantage if you also can share this with all our Moslems Family whose not in my list.
Hope it’s will be a trigger to start fully Masjid to do Sholat Subuh together.
And they will know the Glorious of Islam

Download Sholat Subuh