Did you plan to take an online college course? In the past decade, distance learning has taken the Internet and college campuses by storm, as more and more students opt to take courses or complete degrees online. It’s a new way of thinking about higher education. “Lectures,” assignments, discussions, exams, multimedia presentations, and often even the readings are available online, and there is little to no face-to-face interaction with the instructor.

These are several advantages of online college courses:

  1. Time flexibility. If you are in need of a flexible schedule, online courses can be ideal.
  2. Geographic flexibility. Now you no longer have to be in any particular location to take a class.
  3. Students don’t have to take notes.
  4. Classes are technologically advanced. The instructor can easily program multimedia learning aids into the courses, including links to relevant websites.
  5. No dress code.
  6. Shy students may feel more comfortable.
  7. An expansion of course options.

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