Owner of a new departmental store called his new salesmen and
told “Always remember that the customer is very important. He is
the king. You have to explain patiently whatever he asks and please
remember ‘Whatever he says is Right’.”

All the sales men went to their allotted departments. The owner was
observing them through TV. Excepting one salesman all were doing
good business. He called that salesman in the evening and scolded
him “I have been watching you. Though many customers came you have
not been able to sell even a single item. Why”

Salesman replied, “Sir, I have been following your instructions very
carefully. Whenever a customer comes, I explain him the details of
the product, its special features and clarifies all his doubt. In
the end they comment that the price of the product is very high. I
remember you words and tell them promptly “You are Right” and they