Suster Ngesot is one of Indonesian scary legend. As the title, the movie is based on that scary legend. Two young girls who worked as nurse, Vira (Nia Ramadhani) and Silla (Donita) are on their business trip from Jakarta to Bandung. They meet Mike, an Australian who’s on trip to Indonesia. They have to stay at the old dormitory with mysterious keeper named Mak Saroh. They don’t know that long time ago, there was a young woman killed by her cheated boyfriend, and her spirit still haunted people especially who having affair.

Release Date : May 10, 2007

Director : Arie Aziz

Writer : Aviv Elham

Cast : Nia Ramadhani, Mike Lewis, Donita, Lia Wode, Jajang C. Noer, Arswendy Nasution, Mastur

Studio : MD Pictures

Runtime : 87 mins