Two friends are sitting in their favorite bar watching the pretty women that come in, and rating them based on the traditional 1 to 10 method. A redhead walks in and one of the guys catches his breath and says, “There’s an 8 if ever I saw one!”

As his friend checks out the woman, they hear an old man nearby say “One.”

Soon a brunette enters and walks by the bar. The other guy offers, “Now there’s a 9 for sure! Look at those legs!”

The old man again butts into the conversation and says, “Two.”

The two friends look at each other puzzled and choose to ignore the old dude.

Just then, in comes a blond of both their dreams. She is stacked from head to toe and dressed to kill. The two high-five each other and simultaneously agree, “That’s a 10! Damn!”

They then look over at the old codger and await his comment. The old guy watches the young woman walk on by and sit down in a booth.

“Three!” he nods to himself and raises his glass in a salute in their direction.

The two disgusted friends walk down to where the old gentlemen is sitting. “We’ve been sitting here all day watching beautiful women walk into this place and we agree that they are at the top of the scale, but all you can do is say, 1, 2, or 3.

What kind of rating is that?”

The old guy takes another sip, sits his draft down, and turns to the men and says, “Well, you young whippersnappers, for your information, I use the ‘Budweiser Method’ of rating women.”

“The Budweiser Method?” says one, “what the hell is that?”

“Well sir, take that last one for instance. I gave her a 3 That means it would take 3 large horses to pull her off my face!”