I guess that no one will argue that the quality of Internet browsing largely depends on the kind of browser that you use. The most popular browsers being IE Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, and somewhat less popular – Safari and Opera. Each of these browsers has its pros and cons, but the ultimate user choice will largely depend on their individual preferences. As the saying goes – no two minds think alike. I personally found Mozilla Firefox to deliver the most favorable Internet browsing experience, so I chose to use it on an everyday basis.

However, to get the most out of your Firefox browser, you may have to add to it some add-ons to optimize your work with the browser for maximum performance and convenience. So here is the BIG FIVE of the Firefox add-ons that many Internet users, including myself, found to be most useful.

Google toolbar

Whenever you are on the web, you cannot avoid an encounter with the Google search engine, so it makes sense to always have it at hand. Google search, and the page rank checker are only a few of the Google tools which become available to you, if you use this add-on on your Firefox browser.


This one is used for blocking flash animation on the webpage you are viewing, especially if it’s an intrusive ad that you can’t otherwise avoid. However, if it is something worth your attention, to view it, you can click the button which appears right on the spot where the flash animation is supposed to be. Because this one saves tons of traffic, I put it on a third place.


Another useful Firefox add-on. Basically all information on the web can be divided into two categories: the one that you need and look for, and the one which is irrelevant to your web search. However, there is a third group which is comprised of monstrous ad banners which can appear anywhere on the web and at any location, very often right in the middle of the text that you are reading, totally ruining the text continuity. The adblock blocks most of the annoying advertisements that you may come across while surfing the web.

Download manager tweak

It is not very comfortable when the download process is launched in the pop-up window. This add-on allows opening the download manager in a new tab, instead of launching a new window, which is a nuisance in most cases. However, it is not critical for your browser performance, so it is on the last place.

Handy Password toolbar

I found this one particularly useful. Handy Password toolbar allows filling in multiple web forms automatically. If you have a lot of web accounts where you need to fill in logins and passwords, it will fill in all those fields with your information automatically. Besides it can remember and manage all your passwords and even generate strong passwords for you. In short, if you use this Firefox add-on, you don’t have to remember or submit any logins or password, just as you don’t have to manually fill in extended web forms. Really great one!

By Alexander Golishev