After buying a laptop, it is essentially important to take good care of it. Good care and maintenance will enhance the battery life and will keep your laptop in a smooth working condition for longer.

The basic and the most essential element of any laptop is a battery.

So, read the following tips to take care and enhance the life of your laptop battery:

1.Recharge the batteries daily.
2.Try to keep the display at lower settings.
3.Charge your battery whenever you have access to electrical outlets.
4.Keep an eye on how much battery is consumed and how much is remaining.
5.Clean your battery with a clean swab or by rubbing alcohol over the battery. Keep it away from debris.

Here are some more tips for laptop care that you can follow to enhance the smooth functioning and overall maintenance of your laptop:

1.Laptop should never be left unattended.
2.Do not try to disassemble or repair any part of your laptop.
3.Do not place any kind of decorative on laptop.
4.Always keep laptop off the floor.
5.Shut your notebook before moving it
6.Do not walk with a notebook which is power on.
7.Do not try to convert your laptop case into your office bag.
8.Never keep any kind of liquid especially soda or sugar syrups near your laptop.
9.Always hold the laptop from the base not from the LCD screen.
10.When closing your laptop, make sure that there is no pen or pencil left on the keyboard. This can cause harm to the monitor.
11.Keep your laptop at least 6-8 inches away from any electronics such as television, music system or refrigerator because these electrical appliances have magnetic fields that can harm the smooth functioning of your laptops.
12.Don’t sit on a rolling chair with laptop.
13.Follow all the rules and guidelines mentioned in the user manual.
14.Clean your laptop monitor with a soft damp cloth or a clean cellulose sponge.
15.Use pressurized air to clean the keyboard.
16.Disconnect the AC power and all external peripherals before cleaning.
17.Close the display panel and check that it is latched securely in the closed position to protect the keyboard and display panel.
18.Try not to use the notebook in very hot conditions mainly when your laptop is running on battery.

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