we live in a slightly mad world

Dec 17 1793

Children are executed by the new Guillotine invention for the first time, at Nantes France.

Dec 17 1941

“There is only one danger in the world — that is the yellow danger. China and Japan are really bound together against the white race. There could only have been one efficient weapon against this alliance… Germany.” — Charles Lindbergh

Dec 17 1944

Malmedy massacre, where 81 Americans of Battery B, 285th Field Artillery are killed by Waffen SS in Belgium.

Dec 17 1961

Adilson Marcelino Aviles sets a circus tent on fire at the Gran Circo Norte Americano, Niteroi Brazil, killing 323 people, mostly children. 500 other youngsters were badly burned in this worst circus fire in history. Aviles stated that he wanted revenge on circus owners.

Dec 17 1969

The US Air Force terminates Project Blue Book, which investigated reports of UFO’s.

Dec 17 1989

Bartholomew J. Simpson’s listed birthday.

Dec 17 1989

Over two thousand protesters area massacred by the government in Timisoara, Romania. It is the spark that brings down the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, who was executed on Christmas Day.

Dec 17 1996

Lima, Peru – Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru (MRTA) guerrillas seize 460 hostages at the Japanese ambassador’s residence December 17 1996 All but 72 hostages are released through negotiations. Peruvian special forces storm the residence, kill the 14 members of the MRTA and release hostages April 22 1997.

Dec 17 1997

An episode of the animated TV show Pokemon induces seizures in at least 750 Japanese children. The convulsive sequence contains the depiction of a “vaccine bomb,” followed by the flashing red eyes of a rat monster. Of those afflicted, 200 remain hospitalized the next day.