we live in a slightly mad world


Jan 18 1945

The Auschwitz Death March began.

Jan 18 1978

“Most rock journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read. — Frank Zappa, Chicago Tribune

Jan 18 1983

During a broadcast of “The Magic Christian,” Bruce Blackman shoots and kills his family. He claims that he acted on orders received while watching the movie.

Jan 18 1990

Rusty Hamer, the actor who played Danny Thomas’s son on Make Room For Daddy, shoots himself in the head with a .357 Magnum in DeRidder, Louisiana. Rusty was 42 years old.

Jan 18 1990

Washington DC mayor Marion Barry is arrested on cocaine possession charges at the Vista International Hotel, as he tokes on a glass crack pipe while being videotaped with his mistress Rasheeda.

Jan 18 1991

The United States admits that the CIA paid Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega over $300,000 during his career as undercover narc.

Jan 18 1998

An advertisement in Norway’s primary daily newspaper Verdens Gang today depicted a used tampon made to resemble the Japanese flag, with the caption “We wish the female participants luck in Nagano” (the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics). The Japanese Embassy in Oslo has filed a protest.