we live in a slightly mad world


Jan 22 1905

In 1905, thousands of demonstrating Russian workers were fired on by Imperial army troops in St. Petersburg on what became known as “Red Sunday” or “Bloody Sunday”. 96 people were killed, and over 300 were wounded. This incident marks the beginning of the so-called 1905 revolution.

Jan 22 1918

Manitoba, Canada film censor board decides to ban comedies, on the grounds that they make audiences “too frivolous”.

Jan 22 1949

Red Communists enter Peking.

Jan 22 1951

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s baseball career is ended after he is thrown out of a winter league game, during the tryouts for the Washington Senators.

Jan 22 1957

Mad Bomber captured.

Jan 22 1972

In an interview with Melody Maker, musician David Bowie announces that he is gay. Actually he is bisexual, and his wife Angela did catch him in bed with Mick Jagger.

Jan 22 1973

176 people are killed in Kano, Nigeria when a Nigerian Airlines flight crashes on its way back from Mecca.

Jan 22 1987

The State Treasurer of Pennsylvania, R. Budd Dwyer, proclaims his innocence to fraud charges at a crowded press conferences and then pulls a gun out of an envelope and blows his fucking brains out.