we live in a slightly mad world

Dec 4 1930

Rhythm method accepted by the Vatican as an approved method of birth control. Does the pope wear a condom?

Dec 4 1978

Dianne Feinstein named mayor of San Francisco after the assassination of Mayor Moscone, jumpstarting her otherwise pathetic political career. The pro-censorship bitch is now a US Senator, and carries a handgun for protection while campaigning to prohibit others from doing so.

Dec 4 1988

Actor Gary Busey seriously injured in a near-fatal motorcycle crash, which he states also caused an out-of-body experience. Busey was not wearing his helmet, but after the accident told the press he would continue pursuing his out-of-helmet experiences. [Update 1997: Busey had a nose tumor, found God, and now wears a helmet.]

Dec 4 1993

Frank Zappa dead of prostate cancer in Los Angeles at age 52.